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North of the 49th parallel feeling for Trump

I spent some time in British Columbia last month. With Vancouver being just miles from the US border, it was not a surprise to hear they had strong opinions about the current US president. Derisive overtones could be detected. 

A recent missive from a Canadian economist friend, commenting on the North Korean mess, suggested a change in attitude towards him, bordering on empathy. 

"I expect you guys are trying to figure out the North Korea impact," he said.  "I am struggling to understand China's position and laughed out loud at Putin's latest helpful interjection. 

"Most of the press seems to be suggesting that accommodation is the only avenue and that Trump, not Kim, is the main problem. Given successive presidents have been unable to address this issue I don't think that is entirely fair." 

He then concluded, "Still, it is a shame that such a crisis had to erupt with a proper muppet in the White House though." Not too much empathy then. 

It seems that the 15 years my Canadian friend spent in the UK has proper rubbed off on him. 

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