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Trumped up PR campaign will end in tears

Another day, another Trump gaffe emerges and whilst this one is so utterly offensive and so cripplingly ignorant, are we really surprised any more? 

While the public and press alike erupt in anger over the 273 people, places and things he has insulted (according to The NY Times) Trump, himself, thrives off this 'PR at any cost' method of communication - it's tedious, predictable and, of course, highly successful in garnering a response and gaining more and more air time.

I've no doubt his campaign started with little more intent than to stir up the contest and the thought of him getting even slightly close to being considered a credible candidate for the presidency rarely crossed his mind. Now it's got a little out of control yet there appears to be a large number of voters that seemingly aren't getting the joke.....many have loved his rhetoric thus far and have only craved more. To a narcissist like Trump,

that's music to the ears, particularly when this belligerence no doubt comes easy.

If you've never read "Snakes in Suits" by Dr. Paul Babiak and Dr. Robert Hare, I highly recommend it. In it, they detail the frightening number of psychopath's (not all kill people) operating in the workplace. General traits include: Selfish power-hungry motives and intents, using superficial charm, having a grandiose estimation of self, frequently lying, showing no remorse or guilt, unrealistic long term goals, appearing teflon-coated, and often taking high risks. Remind you of anyone (aside from several members of your organisation)?

Trump doesn't care about good PR, he cares about notoriety - a narcissistic need to be known and heard. The easiest way to do this, of course, is to be controversial, loud and shocking in the same way a child might compete for attention or a desperate Big Brother contestant might scramble to stand out from the crowd. This isn't clever PR, this is desperate PR backed by little substance and veiled in an 'I'm only saying what others only dare to think' shroud. 

"All PR is good PR" as the saying goes....I've never been a big believer in this and Trump is proving my point beautifully. PR at any cost, as Trump will no doubt discover, comes with longer term consequences.....excrement sticks as they say.....

It is easy to openly and controversially criticise and to court publicity by causing offence. Even if, God forbid, Trump does make it to the White House, his presidency has already been been tarnished and his true motivations questioned. 

I would say this, of course, but PR is a powerful tool when used intellectually and tactically. When misused and even abused, it's just as powerful but not necessarily in a good way....

In between now and November expect even more predictable controversy from the Trump camp although he's surely running out of subject matter to insult....Ronald McDonald? Sounds suspiciously un-American to me.....

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