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What price for crisis communications?

Why do some communications advisers bump up their fees in times of crisis? Maybe I’m wrong. Perhaps you don’t think it ever happens.

I’ve always thought that effective communications should be priced on its worth – not the perceived need.

That organisations need clear, simple and truthful communications in moments of crisis is beyond doubt, but that is no different to communications at any other time.

There should be no room for spin and bragging, wrapped up in false modesty. Not ever. And certainly not in a crisis. This is not wishful thinking. Well, it might be a bit. The point is honesty is the best policy.

The crisis we are all in right now is not one many (if any) have had to deal with. Then again, this is no ordinary crisis involving blame and excuses. Or right versus wrong.

Now is not the time for being self-congratulatory. It is not about showing off about how wonderfully your CEO is at making a profit for the business.

Now is a time to be thinking about how your staff are faring as they face tough times.

It is a time for coming together to help customers feel they are in good hands.

It is a time for you to work with suppliers up and down the supply chain as they, their staff, their customers, and their suppliers face the same crisis we all face.

Good, honest and open communication has a crucial role to play in this.

We help our clients plan for future crises and manage existing and past ones. For the last 25 years we have relied on creativity, technical knowledge and experience.

Mostly though, we have relied on honesty. Erring from this only provides crisis the control.

Many of you will be more capable than you think in being able to work through this crisis as well as you can. For others, shop around – elevated urgency should not equate to elevated fees in these difficult times.

It would be great to hear what you think. Who has exemplified the good, the bad and the confused?

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